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A Pokemon Care Package

- July 23, 2014 - by , in everyday life, family life, with 2 comments -

In June, I sent out a Facebook ‘Bat Call’ for Pokemon cards.

Screenshot 2014-07-23 13.13.28

A few weeks ago, we got this package in the mail.

1) was thrilled to get a box in the mail
2) couldn’t believe it was for him
3) has no idea how to open a taped box
4) was amazed at how many Pokemon cards (and other goodies) it contained!
5) went right to work sorting them out


Thank you Patricia and Connor!!!


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  • Nancy

    He looks so happy! That is awesome! Patricia and Connor are so sweet to send that package. Love this!

  • Alby

    Happy mail! So sweet of Patricia and Connor. Love that huge smile!