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Sunday at the Neighbors

- October 1, 2011 - by , in family life, with 0 -

We spent a good chunk of today over at the neighbors for their middle girl’s 5th birthday party. Can’t believe she’s FIVE.

V. We’ve known her the longest. She’s Isabel’s buddy!

N. Could she be cuter? No she could NOT. This one loves Midnight (our dog) the best!

And the birthday girl. S. Too sweet! She pairs up with Ryan when we play.

And no party is complete without a guest appearance from Mr. Hot Potato. (This was taken as she was passed the potato. It was just plain luck that I caught the shot with him right over her face. Perfection.)
Okay, that's just FUNNY.

My kids enjoyed the slip and slide.

Um, Ryan. You know you have a full-sized pool at home, right? And you know this is NOT… THAT… POOL, right? Cuz that’s a BIG jump for a little pool!

Isabel sat with the birthday girl to enjoy some cake and refreshments.

View all photos here. Thank you for a great time, neighbors!