Lightroom Consult Sessions

Lightroom is not for pansies. (But you can totally master it. And it's so very worth it.)

Lightroom Consult Sessions

for Workflow and Editing

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Whether you want to get organized, make your photos look better, start shooting RAW… Whatever! My Lightroom Consult Sessions are 100% personalized based on what you need. My goal is to help people USE their photos instead of just dumping them onto their computer and letting them become an indefinite ‘to do’ item..

Lightroom Consult Sessions are conducted online using Google Hangouts. This fantastic tool allows me to share my screen, you to share your screen, and even allows me to control your computer (if needed, and only with your permission).

My sessions are best suited for beginners and intermediate Lightroom users, and I specialize in file workflow and organization. I have also given many consults on editing – my focus with editing is clean edits (not fancy-schmancy).

There are three session purchase options:

  • one 45-minute session for $75
  • NEW! one 1-hour session with a video copy of your session for $125
  • three 1-hour sessions for $225 (or $300 with video copies)
Contact me to schedule your Lightroom consult session here on my Contact page.


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  • carolyn jones

    Hi Marilou,

    I was on a Photographer’s workshop with you in Jan 2011. I too can’t praise it highly enough! I’ve been wanting to move my iphoto Libraries & editing into Lightroom for a long time & finally have tools & capacity to do just that.

    I am in South Africa so time zones will be tricky. We are 6 hours ahead of your East Coast times & 8-9 hours ahead of Seattle.

    Please will you let me know if it is possible to do a 45 minute session and also whether I should read any books before we chat?
    Kind regards,

    • I’d love to have a consult session with you! I have e-mailed the info to you.

      May 4, 2014  | 
  • Holly

    Marilou, Having trouble getting in touch with you. I’m ready to do this…well, as ready as I’ll ever be. Please contact me before I chicken out, thanks so much, Holly

    • I’m so glad we finally got in touch – I enjoyed our first LR session and look forward to our second one next week!


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