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Camp Mahachee

- February 7, 2012 - by , in family life, with 0 -

Two months? Really? Well, sorry for neglecting my audience of six people for so long! I have just been resting and RELAXING. But enough is enough, right??


I started writing this post a week ago – then got distracted by a 100 other things. This post is about our Girl Scouts campout two weekends ago – at Camp Mahachee. Yes, we slept in cabins, but the mattresses were miserable, so it counts as camping. And if only had a freezing shower because I couldn’t figure out how to make the water warm, well, it was still a freezing shower!

The most notable difference from last year’s campout was a significantly smaller number of peacocks… and moms, in attendance. The absence of peacocks I was grateful for at 5 in the morning. The absence of moms left me a bit lonely. I’m glad I went. I got to know the other attending moms even better. I got to spend time with the girls and see them in a new way – somehow, they act differently without their moms around. And I had a great time. It’s also interesting watching Isabel interacting with her friends. This time, she managed to stay out of the drama, and she made a new friend.

I told Isabel, “I don’t know if you like me there, or not, but I really like going with you to these campouts… and I think I’ll keep going.” “I like you there, Mommy.” (At least, for now – and I’ll take it!)

Boy Scout Troop 811 came on Saturday and taught the girls some valuable survival skills: navigating with a compass, making a shelter with a stick some twine and a poncho, building a fire, and learning knots. Her favorite was definitely the knot making, and she even applied what she learned to help build our evening campfire.

Sunday, after the campout, our troop went across the street to Fairchild Tropical Gardens… it was Isabel and my third weekend straight going there, but it never gets old! It was fun riding the tram for the first time. We had to leave early to work on her literature project and get Ryan’s HW/project done, too. I really relished the time spent with Isabel, though – I think we both needed it!