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- May 24, 2013 - by , in family life, random thoughts, with 0 -

Random Thought #1

Last night, this tub stopper arrived. Seven year old Ryan showed it to his dad and said, “If you don’t like romance, I’m sorry. Because this says (pointing to the OXO in the middle), ‘hug, kiss, hug.'”


He was pretty excited to be able to take a bath again. Our tub stopper went missing during the ceiling replacement project of April 2013.

Random Thought #2

I really want to paint my walls white. And put up a gratitude wall. Might have something to do with this cool shoot:

Thanks for that link, Kelley! This is the kind of shooting I want to do. It’s the kind of photography I wish I had of my own childhood. Designing day in the life photo books around shoots like this is my dream.

Random Thought #3

Office life. I wear headphones like this, pretty much all day. Because I have some loud cubicle neighbors. (Forgive the image quality. I was trying to be inconspicuous while taking this selfie.) These are the headphones I have: I kinda love ’em.

Me in my cubicle.

The good part is I get to listen to my favorite music all day. The bad part is – they do nothing to counter the weird food smells that waft around the office. (Also bad, you can’t hear when people are talking about you. Or to you. Still totally worth it.) I find the over the ear headphones more comfortable and noise canceling.

Random Thought #4

Here are some songs in my Favorites playlist. I sorted them by “Last Played,” so you can see what I’ve been listening to while typing this post.

(Click the image to enlarge it, but you knew that.)

My iTunes Favorites Playlist

Random Thought #5

I am so looking forward to spending time at the beach this Memorial Day weekend. Something about shooting the kids in this calm, relaxing environment just feels special. I am also looking forward to lots of reading by the pool, now that the kids are old enough to swim on their own. (I welcome book suggestions!)

Here are some photos from previous years.


View all 2012 Memorial Day photos


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Favorite photo of the weekend. I am in love with this shot.


Random Thought #6

Rene and I used to really love flying stunt kites. You know. Back when we had time for such frivolous hobbies of our own. (AKA, the pre-kid era. When we also used to go sailing every weekend.)

So, in addition to the yard cart, I got him this for our anniversary:

Prism Stunt Kite


Is it wrong that I bought it 70% because it would make for some fun photos?

Random Thought #7

I have a WEEK to ready my house for birthday party season. Should I really be spending time at the beach? (Yes, yes I should.)

Random Thought #8

My daughter has seven parties to attend in the next 3 weeks. Seriously. The last month of the last year of elementary school is turning out to be pretty busy and extremely fun. A post about our day at Universal’s Islands of Adventure is pending. Maybe this weekend. In between swimming, shooting, reading, and sleeping.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend!