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Labor Day Weekend 2011

- September 5, 2011 - by , in family life, with 0 -

It was a lazy weekend alright. Just the kind we needed.

Saturday, we went to the movies with Grandma. We went to Justice and The Loft while we waited for the movie. The theater was empty right until the movie started, when the smart, commercial-avoiding people showed up. Ryan and Grandma left Cars 2 after 30 minutes to see The Smurfs. We were disappointed by how violent Cars 2 was for kids. Seriously, you can’t say ‘sh*t’ in a G-rated movie, but you can explode bombs and shoot automatic weapons? I don’t get it! After the movies, we went for shakes at a diner next door.

Sunday, Grandma took Isabel for a nice relaxing day at her house. And they bought some seeds for a school project and some to grow at home. I had Ryan and we played Guitar Hero. (If I have to hear Eye of the Tiger or Beat It one more time, I WILL lose my marbles.) We also played with his Batman Cave/toys and his Cars Squinkies. When Isabel got home, we did some art in the kitchen. Then, we went for a late diner at our favorite Thai restaurant.

Monday, we watched TV, finished homework, went swimming for a good long while, read books, and went to Fuddrucker’s for dinner. I think I’m ready for the four-day week, now. (And, Grandma, I know you won’t like these pictures, just like you never do. But you are beautiful. And I’m glad I have pictures to show how loving you are with the kids because we are all so lucky to have you!)

Edited: View all pictures here.

We spent the evening tracing and coloring monsters. The How To Draw book I got ended up being more of a How to Trace book.