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Our August Visitors

- September 6, 2011 - by , in family life, with 0 -

Every once in a while, we are blessed with visitors from the North. My sister and her two kids, came for a long weekend in early August, and, as usual, we made it a point to get the kids together as often as possible. The girls are playing really well together, so they got to have a sleepover at our house one night. The boys had a sleepover at their grandfolk’s house, but Ryan still doesn’t like sleeping away from home (so I bribed him – three kids is one too many in this house).

The boys play near each other, more than with each other, which is okay. I have informed Ryan that even if two people fight, it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. When Ryan hears his cousins are in town, he gets so excited. And if he hears we are going on a trip, he begs for it to be to Boston. Isabel pesters me to visit them the second the touch down in Miami. There is no doubt that my kids love their Boston cousins.

View photos of the weekend here.