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Glow in the Dark Soccer? Heck, yeah.

- March 13, 2013 - by , in family life, with 0 -

This was the third weekend in a row where Ryan had a birthday party to attend. Usually the social events fall under the ‘Isabel’ category.

You won’t see Ryan complaining, though. Then again, who would complain about glow-in-the-dark soccer?

Ryan had a blast.

Isabel had a blast. (She’s screaming on the inside.)

ALL the kids had a blast.

The coach was really fun and had them doing warm-ups…

and drills with the lights on…

(nice job giving the others a head start, there)

Then, it was time to go dark. Okay, that’s REALLY cool – see how the grungy white wall turned into a super cool mural of Tokyo?

Thanks for a fun time, Julian! And Happy Birthday!!

(What – you thought you were going to be in front just cuz it’s your birthday? Have you MET your sister?)

Your party was a BLAST!!!