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Thanksgiving 2012. Because that’s how far behind I am right now.

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Too lazy to edit… and too lazy to write (much). I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Presenting, Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. Also known as, ‘the house where I grew up which has since been remodeled.’

Not waiting for the chess game to end…

Side note: I gave that chess set to my grandfather many moons ago. He passed it down, and now Ryan uses it. I think it’s pretty cool that he’s using something my grandfather used, even though they never met.

Photo bomb!

With a full belly, chess is way more palatable.

Waiting inside…

Clinging to my leg…

May it rest in peace… (You can ask me what happened to this globe, next time I see you.)

Playing Sorry…

Board games are such a huge part of my childhood memories. I’m so glad we are playing them with the kids and passing that down. The kids are finally old enough to play and not have fits when they lose – MOST of the time.


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  • Jules

    I am in LOVE with these photos. Who needs to edit when the look like this?

  • Oh I love these photos and the generations photographed. Globe may you RIP!