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Welcome, Karen followers!

- May 23, 2013 - by , in get shooting, photography, with 4 comments -

If you’re here from Karen’s blog post, here’s a gratuitous embarrassing shot from the time we first met in person. She had not actually had a drink yet. I think that was sheer exhaustion.


That was two years ago. For a photography workshop in Orlando. On our shared anniversary weekend. So now you know how we figured out we both share that day, and the only reason I remember to remind Karen (when I remember it myself!). And, by the way, I’m ALSO a terrible gift giver – I got my hubby a yard cart … that he has to assemble himself.

That weekend I also met a few others from Karen’s online class. And solidified my life-long friendship with Nikki (all the way on the left), who even let me crash at her place – never having met me before.

Karen’s class is about so much more than photography. Yes, it’s about capturing your family’s stories. But it’s also about friendship. And soul. And Karen is pretty much the best teacher and facilitator, EVER. My love for her class is why I’m ALWAYS preaching it to everyone I see with a camera. It has been such a gift.

And, yeah, I pretty much love her.

So, I was so thrilled to hug her last September, after a few more years of friendship. Yes, I am squatting. And I am standing downhill. 🙂

If all goes as planned, I’ll see you in August, Karen.


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