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December Daily / 2013 / Day 1

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December is in full swing. Loads of homework makes staying festive hard work, but I’m trying to keep in the spirit. To help, each day, the elf comes and leaves a holiday activity for the kids to do in our advent calendar. Usually while they are taking a bath. The kids alternate days on the advent calendar. Isabel gets the odd days, Ryan the even. There is a chocolate involved.

It is a tradition I was masochistic to start and will never escape because the kids love it so much. We all seem to know I am the elf. Even if we are passive-aggressive about it, “The ELF hasn’t COME yet. I HOPE he comes SOON.” Etcetera.

Day One, the activity was “freeze.” It took the kids a while, but eventually, Isabel figured it out. We were going to see Frozen. (Yes, on a Sunday night. No, not my best idea.)

 DSC2199 L December Daily / 2013 / Day 1

The movie was not the comedy I expected from the vignette that had been running the previous months – a snowman playing fetch with a reindeer using its carrot nose. It was a Disney Princess movie. A musical, no less. A few minutes into the movie, I mouthed the words, “I’m sorry,” to Rene. 3/4 of us loved the movie anyway. 1/4 of us snored. 1/2 of us cried pretty much the entire time. 1/4 of us was too worked up to even discuss her favorite part after it was over, “I can’t talk about it right now (sniff).”

 DSC2201 L December Daily / 2013 / Day 1

It was lovely and beautiful and touching. You should definitely go see it.

 DSC2210 L December Daily / 2013 / Day 1

Unless you are a 40 year old man who doesn’t care for Disney Princess movies. Then, maybe skip it.

Bonus Blog Content: A selfie fail.
 DSC2216 L December Daily / 2013 / Day 1