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The Beach was calling. We answered.

- April 8, 2014 - by , in family life, Marilou Jaen. Photography., with 0 -

It was my birthday weekend, and I’d spent most of it working on a design project. I wanted to go to the beach. I needed to. Something in me just HAD to feel the sand and the breeze and the waves. So at around 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, we drove the hour it takes to get up to Lauderdale by the Sea (our favorite beach spot). And MAN was it worth it.

We hadn’t put down our chairs before Ryan was off with the boogie board…

… the water was too rough for swimming, but perfect for boogie boarding.

And for playing in the wake.

Isa couldn’t resist the boogie.

Neither could Rene.

HA! That one caught everyone off guard!

Then Isabel had a run-in with a rock and ¬†decided it was time to stay on the shore…

…while the boys braved the deep sea. And PROBABLY contemplated the meaning of life and how we are but speck on this small planet in this infinite world.

Until they eventually decided sand play wasn’t a bad idea. Rene fulfilling Isabel’s wish…

… of becoming a mermaid.

And I left with a happy and full heart. Thankful that no one was taking MY picture as I’m sure it was not pleasant. (I just go for the shot; I don’t think about all the innocent by-standers or that I’m in a swimsuit.)

If you want photos of your family playing at the beach and are in the South Florida area, send me your info via the contact me link above. I PROMISE not to wear a swimsuit but to happily get my jeans wet for ‘the shot’ instead.¬†