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We just kinda sorta forgot to go to Magic Kingdom.

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We used to go a few times a year, when Isabel was too little to even KNOW we were going anywhere at all. We got our last season pass when Ryan was about 3 years old, and Isabel was 6. Neither of them remembered anything about Magic Kingdom. How was it easier to go when I was super pregnant and potty training a child who was TERRIFIED of the automatically flushing toilets than when we had two potty trained kids? I dunno. I think we just forgot to go. And then the Harry Potter craze set in, and it was a year of Universal’s Islands of Adventure – with 90% of the time spend in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (I exaggerate… I also had to look up the spelling of exaggerate because I NEVER use that word.)

ANYWAY, we went this year. Twice so far. In two consecutive months (gotta milk the season pass!).

And the kids loved it.

And Isabel remembered things she’d forgotten. And Ryan recognized things he’d read about in Kingdom Keepers.

And both of them were bribed to try new things, some never to be tried again (e.g., Splash Mountain for Ryan).

And I feel really grateful we remembered to go while they are still young enough to think it’s cool to spend the weekend hanging around with their parents.

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Is it really scary? // It's fast, but it's not scary… do you want me to sit next to you? I'll hold your hand the whole time.

Downtime at the Space Mountain arcade.

The kids reluctantly met Mary Poppins. You can tell from their faces they are miserable.

I was so excited to take the kids to these squirt fountains before the sun set.

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That girl loves roller coasters. She is mine.