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First Day of School – 2011

- September 1, 2011 - by , in family life, with 4 comments -

It feels like a long time ago – the first day of school. We have already spent many long nights doing homework. We have already gone into and out of a lice outbreak. We have already had crying fits, tantrums, and flat-out ‘No, I’m NOT going to do my homework!’s.

This year we were ‘prepared’ for the start of school earlier than ever. We had to be; we were going on vacation the week before. Yet, for some reason, we were completely UNprepared for what going back to school really meant. Two kids with serious homework. Exhausted and grumpy.

As we are getting back in the swing of things, more homework is getting done in aftercare, so we are spending less time doing it at home. Though, Ryan has a long way to go on this. He seems to not realize that the packets he gets in his homework are HOMEWORK. “Yes, I did all my homework.” “What about this?” “I had to do that? It didn’t say that in my agenda.” “It’s right here, Ryan.” “Oh.” And he seems to forget that all these handouts should go into his homework folder, not shoved into the depths of his backpack. We went through this with Isabel; I just forgot about it. She is so responsible with her homework now. (Thank you, Ms. Levine!)

But on the first day of school, no one is thinking about all the homework. Especially, not a first grader. A first grader has no clue – being used to the Kindergarten version of homework: coloring, cutting, pasting. Not vocabulary sentences and reading logs (where summaries are required, nightly).

On the first day of school, eyes sparkle with the excitement of seeing ‘old’ friends and meeting a new teacher. Getting dressed in new clothes. Sporting a new lunch box.


I got the idea for the photo signs here: I didn’t have time to play around with composition because, as usual, we were running late. But I really like having added the signs to our standard ‘in front of our car’ shots. Side note: I was able to add the teachers’ names this year because a friend of mine had the clever idea of checking the Parent Portal, which listed each child’s teacher.



Picking out her seat in her new classroom.

And this last picture shows just how far I still have to go. I was so worried about putting the focal point on Ryan, it did not occur to me that it should be nice to show more of the classmates, and less of the carpet! More of Ryan, less of the YELLOW bulletin board. Ugh. Composition under time constraints – it’s what I need to work on right now. I am so looking forward to the beginning of my second round at The Photographer’s Workshop!


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  • Ha ha ha! Always a photographer. I love it. You caught some precious moments. I love the signs. I also noticed the window decals on your car windows. Those are hilarious.

  • Thanks, Aurora! Those decals are from Isabel’s birthday party – an event which I have YET to post on here. Seriously, what is up with me?

  • Patricia

    Love it!! Love Ryan’s slicked back hair. Always did my Connor’s hair the same way.
    He looks so handsome. Also loves Isabell’s new haircut. Quite sassy:) Adjusting back to school is always so hard. I don’t know how you get used to it so early down south. We have not all gone back yet here in the North East. Connor starts Tuesday. And love the signs! My sis in law has done that with her kids since pre-school. One now in last year of college, other in her junior year of high school. Keeps it on her desk-top and just changes date and school year each year!! Hope the kiddo’s have a great year and you survive all the homework hassles;-)!!

  • Keri

    I love the pics. But agree with your comment about focusing on classmates since Jack looks so sweet with his hands folded. And I also can’t wait to start the photography class. I updated my profile this week.