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The Day Before Our DC Vacation

- September 4, 2011 - by , in family life, with 2 comments -

Should we be packing? Maybe. But we spent this day doing completely frivolous things, like getting haircuts, washing the dog, and playing outside. Okay, maybe washing the dog wasn’t exactly frivolous. She stunk, and I wasn’t sending her to the dog sitter that way! And I was not going to spend a week taking pictures of kids with messy heads, so the haircuts were completely justifiable. Playing outside? Well, the kids needed some kind of reward for the former two activities. View all photos here.

I should clarify. The day before our vacation was about a month ago. Vacation pictures are coming soon!

The kids are now old enough to wash the dog - where she actually smells cleaner at the end of it. And no one is soaked but the dog. This is progress.

You may have noticed the only part of the dog that has soap (or water) is its back. This is the cost of delegating, and I’m okay with a half-stinky dog that I didn’t have to wash myself.

Ryan wants Midnight to drink from the puddles he's making.

At this point, Isabel had decided that watching the dog shake off water was a hoot. So, you’ll forgive her for killing the planet for just this minute, right?

At this point, Isabel is wetting the dog JUST to watch her shake.

Because she really couldn’t resist this.

Happy now, Isa?

With the dog half-clean, it was time for guns (made of sticks), an EZ Roller, and some roller skates.

Ryan and his gun.

And then, we rushed to get our bags packed for our trip to DC.


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  • Patricia

    I love how you captured this! And that boys smile…..melts my heart:) LoVe Isabels skirts. Did doggie go to doggie hotel for the week?

    • Thanks, Patricia! Melts my heart, too! My doggie went to a friend’s home, where we learned (Day Two) that while she is very ‘house trained,’ she is not at ALL apartment trained. So, she ended up back at my house in the care of a friend’s son. Poor dog.