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The Post I Forgot To Name Before Publishing…

- September 18, 2011 - by , in family life, with 3 comments -

On Saturday afternoon, we got some great Aussie books from my long distance cousin. Thank you, Tanya! The kids couldn’t wait to read them, so they parked on the front step before we headed to Quizno’s.

We usually go to Quizno’s once a weekend. Always the same one – Bird Road off of 72nd Avenue. It’s close and the people who own it are really nice.

The kids always get Turkey w/ Swiss and Bacon (Isabel) and Ham and Cheddar (Ryan). And cookies, not chips. Isabel always gets root beer. Ryan will sometimes go with the Raspberry Lemonade. So adventurous, that one!


In case you were wondering, that’s double chocolate chip cookie in his teeth!

If I could, I would set up a studio in that Quizno’s because the light that comes in those huge windows is PERFECT for catchlights (those sparkles in their eyes)!

Ryan has a new tradition of eating his cookie outside. I’m not sure why, he just likes it that way!

Full in our bellies, we resumed work on Ryan’s diorama “The Pond” (it’s about a pond.)

Working on Ryan's Pond Diorama.

Working on Ryan's Pond Diorama.

Working on Ryan's Pond Diorama.

Working on Ryan's Pond Diorama.

Rene said I can’t post this picture because it’s evidence Ryan didn’t do all the work. I think it’s safe to post, as I’m not sure the teacher would approve of Ryan using a utility knife!

Working on Ryan's Pond Diorama.

Ryan used glossy Mod Podge to stick the blue tissue paper onto green cardstock to make the water – it came out really nice! The shine sells it.

Working on Ryan's Pond Diorama.

I’d post a picture of the finished product, but it’s not quite finished yet! Spoiler Alert: It has moving parts!

View more weekend pictures here.


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  • anonymous

    I like the picture with the good looking guy holding the utility knife

  • Keri

    Ryan’s pond looks much more complicated than Jack’s. Art is not his (or my) strength. And by the time I finished helping Heather learn Algebra, I was out of energy for homework.