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At the Playground

- September 20, 2011 - by , in family life, with 1 comment -

I’m taking Karen Russell’s online class, The Photographer’s Workshop, again – because I loved it so much the first time (and learned so much)!

This week is on composition, so I thought I’d take the kids to the playground – because where better to practice composition? Really. Anyway, I wrote this up for the practice session and figured I’d reuse all that typing here!


I was chasing my kids around the playground today – apparently trying to give myself an ulcer with lines and mergers everywhere! I almost gave up on taking photos because I kept chasing and missing shots of the kids. Playground shooting is NOT easy.

To make it worse, Isabel announced that I was ‘IT’ and if I tagged one of them by taking their photo, that person was out. I had to think fast! I told them, “No! Nooo… you’re not out. If I take your picture it’s 20 seconds of home base. You can’t get tagged. You’re INVINCIBLE!” Well, that made them much happier to play near me!

It really paid off to stand in one spot and let them migrate towards me… Chasing them around did NOT work, I just kept getting blurs of them. Anyway, here are my pics. Mostly SOOC… I did straighten three of them. And I slightly adjusted exposure on two of them. (I may as well just copy this post as my blog post for the day!)


And I did… View the photos here.


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  • Love the photos! I’ll do the assignment this weekend. I have friends coming over and there are two toddlers and one 8-yr old. I’ll try to stay put instead of chase the toddlers around. Hopefully, I’ll get at least one decent photo SOOC.