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Summer Road Trip

- September 21, 2012 - by , in family life, with 7 comments -

This summer, my family joined my parents for a road trip. It was maaahvelous.

I loved it so much I could write a book about it!

Here is that book (flash required):


<< I swear there was a book here. There is no longer. I’ll work on that! >>


I look forward to holding the printed copy in my hands soon.

Thank you so much Sally for publishing this for me!!!


If you can’t see the book above, click here.


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  • Stunning…just simply stunning! Your photography, your publication, your storytelling…everything was straight up fabulous! Love you, and feel so privileged to have been a little stop on your road trip. Thank you ever so much for including us.

    • Thank you, Lisa!! I don’t know how little the stop was – I think it’s half the book.

  • k

    Hi Marilou, I just finished flicking through your family holiday book which is wonderful…..where are the photos of you……….I only spotted 2 of them you naughty girl… have to get in some with your family as well and let strangers or the timer take some pictures as it’s so important as you are a part of the family as well, not just the photographer….I LOVED YOUR PHOTOS and my favourite one is the one at LOGAN, UTAH with the kids walking along that road with water….an amazing shot….LOVE IT….also noticed you visited the lovely Lisa….what a lovely experience as well. Lots of hugs, Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia (KR class mate 2011)

    • I’m definitely working on that! I’ll post some self-portraits on here soon. Thanks for all the compliments!

  • Danielle

    Absolutely gorgeous memento! Love the pictures and the storytelling. The colors in your photos just pop off the page. What program did you use to create the book? Thank you for the lovely idea! 🙂 (KR classmate, fall 2012, that fell off the face of the earth for the last 4 weeks, but am working hard to catching back up.)

    • Danielle

      …AND it’s great you made to my part of the world. Arizona is gorgeous even during the summer!

    • Danielle – YES, Arizona is BEAUTIFUL, even in summer! I made the book in Adobe InDesign. I used Adobe Lightroom to manage the photos and did 99% of my editing in Lightroom.