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Summer Road Trip

September 21, 2012

family life

This summer, my family joined my parents for a road trip. It was maaahvelous. I loved it so much I could write a book about it! Here is that book (flash required):   << I swear there was a book here. There is no longer. I’ll work on that! >>   I look forward to... Read More →

An Exciting Weekend

While waiting for Tropical Storm Isaac, we didn’t put up shutters or bring anything inside, off the patio. Nope. On Saturday morning, I went to kickboxing with my friend, Lisa. Rene spent the day moving his boat. The kids and I started our Harry Potter marathon – Half Blood Prince (the sixth movie) is just... Read More →

On to a new school year…

Isabel’s last year in elementary school? What the heck!??! I remember kindergarten. Vaguely. And Ryan is in 2nd grade. In a fancy portable. Taking PE… and Spanish… and Art… and Music. Officially a “medium kid.” (The fifth graders are BIG kids.) While the kids were excited for the new year to start, I was rightfully skeptical. I... Read More →


Me and foosball go way back. My love of foosball started in middle school. (Of course, we weren’t cool enough to call it middle school back then. It was just Jr. High.) I went to a summer camp at FIU for drama. There was a foosball table in the student area; my “crush” would play... Read More →

A Shower for Baby Lee

January 24, 2011

family life

I loved being at the baby shower – catching up with my dear friend, Carisa. Finally meeting the infamous Michelle. And getting to know more about Susan and her mom – they are amazing women. Love them. But I cannot deny that my FAVORITE was photographing this precious girl! view photos here Read More →