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Halloween 2012

- November 12, 2012 - by , in family life, with 2 comments -

Could they be any cuter? I didn’t even realize they both picked Batpeople costumes until about a week after we bought them. THAT is how out of it I was in October. There was a LOT going on. I’m really glad they did, though. They made my job as mom-tographer really easy.

I mean, Batman NEVER looked so cute.

And how cool is Batgirl? She’s a ninja!

“Look, ma! No cape!”

They both knew exactly what house they wanted to hit first.

I told them we could come back later with eggs and toilet paper – payback for no people and no candy.

It was great watching Isabel encourage Ryan as they bravely conquered homes across what felt like the entire city of South Miami.


(After the above shot, I promptly advised Batman Senior that the bow needed to be addressed.)

I require that no matter what else we do, we HAVE to trick or treat in our own neighborhood first. And the neighbors are always happy for the few trick or treaters they get. That’s our next door neighbor, Barbara. I think you can see her smile, even blurred in the background.

This year, I finally convinced them that they will get a much bigger candy payload if we stick to our own neighborhood, where the kind folks buy a nice large bag of candy for the 10 or so trick or treaters that come by. They pretty much get handfuls at each door.

Kathy (aka ‘The Cat Lady’ – because she takes care of the neighborhood cats) even offered them the choice of candy or popcorn. (Isabel went for the popcorn.)

I love to see people still take Halloween so seriously. These two were so fun. The kids didn’t know what to make of them at first. (Yes, that’s a hand she is offering. The kind gentleman eventually convinced her that what they really wanted was not body parts, but candy.)

The kids warmed up to this fun couple quickly.

We trick or treated until the bags were full (way too full)…

… and our feet were tired (way too tired).

And, then, we went to visit the Tongs. And their adorable dino-baby.


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