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Halloween 2012

November 12, 2012

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Halloween 2012

Could they be any cuter? I didn’t even realize they both picked Batpeople costumes until about a week after we bought them. THAT is how out of it I was in October. There was a LOT going on. I’m really glad they did, though. They made my job as mom-tographer really easy. I mean, Batman... Read More →

Eight little turtles

When sea turtles fail to make it out of their nest, it’s not the end for them just yet. A team of scientists rescues them and then charges a spit load* of money for people to come and learn about turtles, see the baby turtles up close, and go out in the pitch dark to... Read More →

On to a new school year…

Isabel’s last year in elementary school? What the heck!??! I remember kindergarten. Vaguely. And Ryan is in 2nd grade. In a fancy portable. Taking PE… and Spanish… and Art… and Music. Officially a “medium kid.” (The fifth graders are BIG kids.) While the kids were excited for the new year to start, I was rightfully skeptical. I... Read More →