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- February 1, 2013 - by , in family life, with 4 comments -

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Many nights, I am hurrying my kids to bed, ready to relish the last hours of the night. To finally get something done or sit in front of a favorite TV show. Or just to get to bed myself at the end of a long day.

But some nights, I sit in my child’s bed and awe hits me. Awe at the beauty that IS this little person. At the love I have for them. Awe that they love me in spite of everything I hate about myself. How can they?

Some nights, I ask if it’s okay for me to grab my camera, because I want to remember them as they are right then. And they don’t mind because it means they get to play for a few more minutes.

Make up stories about their Paul Frank magnets. About how the poor bottom magnet is mad because he’s getting smushed by the other magnets. (And I don’t care what spell check says, “smushed” is TOTALLY a word.)

And I resolve to have more of those nights.

To remember what they mean to me and to my child.

Dang. Balance is such an impossible goal.

Or so it feels…



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  • Beautifully said & beautiful photos to go with it. I love those moments before bed.

  • Nancy

    Beautiful, beautiful. These are the kinds of things parents say when their children are too old and maybe grown up, when there is no possible way to do this again- that they wished they had spent more time like this. Because the time is coming when this is all gone. The photos are exquisite – the lighting is perfect.

    • Thank you, Nancy! I hope I keep remembering. It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s really important in the day to day chaos.

  • I’m so happy I saw this. Thank you.