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So Rad

- February 8, 2013 - by , in family life, with 3 comments -

When girl bonding meets exercise. That’s a good thing. After seeing pictures of Patience at a Color Me Rad 5K in VA, I’d been wanting to do one here. So I signed Isabel and myself up for Color Me Rad – Miami.

The Thursday before, I made sure Isabel was up for it by taking her on a 5K run with me. She passed with flying colors, so the day before the race, I drove to Sun Life Stadium (where the Miami Dolphins play) and signed us up. My procrastination was pricey, but we did get cool t-shirts and shades. Totally worth it.

Saturday, February 2nd was race day. I left my camera in the van, avoiding risk of damage, so I made sure we stopped by the photo booth for a before and after shot! (I also made sure we slowed down for the race photographers, but those shots came out awful. Okay, worse than awful.)

I went into the run knowing we would take it as easy as Isabel wanted. It was really more about the bonding than the running. We walked most of it and treated it more as an art project than as anything else. Isabel wore a cami and a long shirt under it – and was smart about getting BOTH of them colored. There were quite a few times I wished I had my camera with me. Next time I’ll at least take my point and shoot in a Ziploc freezer bag…


This is an advertisment for the ol’ chin out and down, but whatcha gonna do? (

I took a few shots of Isabel post-race, but she was ready to GO by then. I think she was done with the taste of corn starch and the crowd.

At first request, I got THIS:

I had to work pretty hard to tap into her inner model and get these:

We brought some color home to play with Ryan. But I promised I wouldn’t post shots of him. (He felt underdressed.)

This doesn’t count because who knows if that’s even Ryan.

Here are some Ryan-free shots from our evening of color fun:

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  • What a moment for you two! Strike a post Isabel! I love that midnight got in on the fun. That is a beautiful shot of Midnight by the way.

  • Deneen

    Love these so much and what a great experience for the both of you! Way to go you very cool mom 🙂

  • Totally rad! So happy you got to run together.