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Right now…

- July 26, 2013 - by , in everyday life, family life, with 1 comment -

I’ve been sitting on some blog posts. Memorial Day, birthdays, a trip to Philadelphia, July 4th, a trip to Utah. Yeah, I’m a bit behind on things.

Don’t call me a slacker. I’ve been hard at work, getting my priorities in order. And thinking. About what this space should be. About what my next steps are. About being honest with myself and deciding how much of my self to share.

My favorite blog writers lets the reader in. Yet I’m reluctant to write a blog like that. If I’m being honest, I’m scared to write honestly. I’m scared of sharing that with the world at large. And if I’m being honest, I’ve had enough creepy comments to justify that fear. I may decide to move my “blogging” to somewhere private. I may keep blogging here.

But if I keep thinking, over analyzing as I tend to do, I’ll never write. And I want to keep writing. I want to write the stories that are relevant to me now. I don’t want to worry about the last two (okay, three) months I missed… to keep writing about the past.

Instead, I’m going to write about life “right now.” And I’ll catch up if/when I catch up. And you’ll probably survive never reading about my Memorial Day Weekend. (If you won’t, here you go. Consider it blogged. Memorial Day Weekend.)

So, on to the “right now.”

Right now… I’m enjoying a busy summer. Looking forward to a BBQ with friends tonight. And a photo shoot on Sunday.
Right now… I’m taking Hello Story by Ali Edwards and loving it. I’m getting excited about storytelling and scrapbooking again.
Right now… I just blew my Amazon Affiliate gift card on tools Ali Edwards uses in her class.
Right now… I’m trying to get my house organized (Maybe buying new tools was unwise). My heart is happy when my house makes sense.
Right now… My house does not make sense.
Right now… I’m in absolute love with my kids. I feel really connected to them.
Right now… I’m giving the kids piano lessons. (Using this book and this keyboard with these stickers.) They get 25 cents for each lesson mastered. #cheaperthanclasses
Right now… At work, I’m creating a marketing database to catalog and budget our printed collateral for each ship. It is filling my need to be techie. It may sound boring, but it’s totally NOT.
Right now… Ryan is still excited about the two betta fish he got this week. But not excited enough to remember to feed them.
Right now… Isabel is probably really tired & grumpy from the Girl Scout sleepover last night.
Right now… I miss my friends who are busy with life and summer and kids.
Right now… I’m wanting to move forward in new ways. To challenge myself.
Right now… My desire to make things happen and the scope of my goals feel like no match for reality.
Right now… I want to sit in the present moment and soak it in. But I’d also love a sneak peek of the rest of 2013 holds.

Isabel… right now.

Ryan… right now.
This is the last photo of that baby tooth in his mouth. It fell out the following Tuesday at camp (eating popcorn).


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  • Dannibeth

    Right now.. I miss you guys!
    Right now…. I think about my cousins and I love them so much, so much, I can hardly hold it in!
    Right now… I love you guys!!!
    Right now…. I am grateful and lucky to have you all in my life and more importantly, as my Family 🙂