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Little Sneak

- July 27, 2013 - by , in everyday life, family life, with 1 comment -

This week, I’ve woken up to find an extra body in my bed more times than not. He blames the two weeks he spent with his grandparents, but that was three weeks ago. I’m not buying it.

On a Saturday morning, I can’t say I mind waking up to this face…

But when there’s a knee in my face at 4 a.m., I’m less than thrilled. And at some point last night, I woke up to a very loud “AAAAAAAOOOOOOOWW! OOOWW! OOOOWW!” from Rene. I’m not EXACTLY sure where he got hit, but from what I could make out in the dark, it seemed to be right smack in the face.

Fingers crossed this is a phase. A very short-lived phase.


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  • That is so cute, I remember sneaking into my parents bed as a kid, such a safe place. Also … Your photos are so awesome! Love that you captured this!