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When did *this* start?

- October 1, 2013 - by , in everyday life, family life, with 2 comments -

Ryan is my candid subject. He doesn’t notice the camera. He doesn’t pose. I get my most natural shots when shooting him. Well, I used to.

 DSC4182 L When did *this* start?

Seriously? That is NOT how you were raised.

 DSC4188 L When did *this* start?

It took a “That’s okay. I’ll go take pictures of Isabel,” to get him to ignore me.

 DSC4191 L When did *this* start?

Okay, not TOTALLY ignore me. But I’ll take it.

 DSC4192 L When did *this* start?

At least he’s reading, right?

(The Lightning Thief, if you were wondering.)


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  • I love Rye under the pillow while he reads. And your bedspread.

  • Dannibeth

    I love him with all my heart and soul! He is the most amazing and wonderful little boy and I am lucky to have him as my family.