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Camp Mahachee

February 7, 2012

family life

Two months? Really? Well, sorry for neglecting my audience of six people for so long! I have just been resting and RELAXING. But enough is enough, right?? ************************************************************************* I started writing this post a week ago – then got distracted by a 100 other things. This post is about our Girl Scouts campout two weekends... Read More →

Tennis with Grandpa

December 7, 2011

family life

Just about every Wednesday, my Dad picks up the kids early from school. He takes them different places, to the park, to the playground at Burger King during inclement weather. But many Wednesdays, he takes them to play tennis. This Wednesday, I joined them to capture some shots of the event. View my photos here:¬† Read More →


Me and foosball go way back. My love of foosball started in middle school. (Of course, we weren’t cool enough to call it middle school back then. It was just Jr. High.) I went to a summer camp at FIU for drama. There was a foosball table in the student area; my “crush” would play... Read More →