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- October 14, 2011 - by , in family life, with 6 comments -

Me and foosball go way back. My love of foosball started in middle school. (Of course, we weren’t cool enough to call it middle school back then. It was just Jr. High.) I went to a summer camp at FIU for drama. There was a foosball table in the student area; my “crush” would play at lunch time, and, of course, so would I. Back then, our strategy was to just spin the little guys like crazy. We actually thought you were supposed to play like that. (I’m sure the college kids LOVED us.)

Flash forward to MY college years and my stint as a summer missionary in Prairie Village, KS. Well, some good friends there loved foosball and taught me to play properly. Not WELL, but properly. I had some great times at the family room foosball table, playing and listening to cranked up Jars of Clay music.

I’ve been wanting to recreate that family fun for a while, but we really have no space in our house. And everything that lives outside eventually gets destroyed (by the dog and/or the elements). We tried a little tabletop foosball table, but it was crap.

At lunch one day, a friend’s friend was complaining he couldn’t get rid of the foosball table in his garage. “What’s that you say? A foosball table.” $50 and the deal was done. It’s living on the patio. Covered by a cheap plastic tablecloth. Leveled by some spare pieces of baseboard. And it works. And I love it. (Just don’t ask Rene how HE feels about it.)

I used my camera’s great “interval timer” feature to take these shots of the kids and me playing foosball. We are not exactly in large supply of free time, so we don’t play every day (but we would if we COULD).

I’m trying to be careful about letting the kids win just enough to stay interested. I don’t want to lose my playmates; there’s no such thing as solitaire foosball! (Well, there probably is “an app for that,” but iPhone foosball is just not the same!) But every now and then, I blast one into the goal… so they don’t forget who’s in charge.

P.S. If you have a Nikon D700, learn about the feature from this tutorial I created. Download PDF


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  • Sally

    Okay, that shot of you with your beloved foosball table is priceless! I’m only calling poser because of the hand and foot action. Love these! 🙂

  • Sally

    Just in case I wasn’t clear, I love the hand and foot action!

    • Haha! I was NOT posing. I totally stand like that! I didn’t even know there WAS a camera.

  • I wish I had that feature on my camera! I LOVE foosball! I suck at it but enjoy playing. Enjoy your foosball table.

  • Love the photos Marilou! So jealous that I don’t have that feature in my camera. And I love foosball!

  • I love them, Marilou. Of course, I am no good at foosball, but completely remember it being quite the deal at the small Christian college that I attended. Ping pong was a close second to the foosball table and I AM a good ping pong player….or I was back in the day! 🙂