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everyday life / 2

everyday life / 2

Here’s another snippet of our everyday life. I shot these the same day as these: http://mariloujaen.com/blog/2013/05/23/everyday-life-1/. I realized the kids have both gotten new bikes since I last photographed them biking. Plus, Ryan wanted to ride bike. Win-win. There was some biking. Some van climbing. And more biking. The kids usually bike on our street... Read More →

Just Sayin’

Just Sayin’

‎1. I’m gonna have trouble with this girl. Holy smokes! Look out middle schoolers. 2. So not fair. Those EYES. 3. I have been pointed out that the eyelashes deserve their own spot on this list… Did I say “not fair,” yet? The way the light was hitting those eyes, I HAD to ask her... Read More →

Tennis with Grandpa

December 7, 2011

family life

Just about every Wednesday, my Dad picks up the kids early from school. He takes them different places, to the park, to the playground at Burger King during inclement weather. But many Wednesdays, he takes them to play tennis. This Wednesday, I joined them to capture some shots of the event. View my photos here: http://mariloujaen.smugmug.com/Lifestyle/My-Family/Tennis-with-Grandpa-2011-12/ Read More →


Me and foosball go way back. My love of foosball started in middle school. (Of course, we weren’t cool enough to call it middle school back then. It was just Jr. High.) I went to a summer camp at FIU for drama. There was a foosball table in the student area; my “crush” would play... Read More →