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An Exciting Weekend

- August 26, 2012 - by , in family life, with 2 comments -

While waiting for Tropical Storm Isaac, we didn’t put up shutters or bring anything inside, off the patio. Nope. On Saturday morning, I went to kickboxing with my friend, Lisa. Rene spent the day moving his boat. The kids and I started our Harry Potter marathon – Half Blood Prince (the sixth movie) is just finishing as I type, which happens to be a midnight on Sunday. We took Midnight to the dog park.

The kids played with the dog play equipment more than Midnight did. It was rather disgusting, from a mom’s point of view. And rather amazing, from a kid’s point of view.

He looks so cute and innocent...

Midnight's Favorite Spot at Bark Park

Isabel at Bark Park

We went for a swim. I bravely (or was it stupidly?) took my camera in the pool for some shots.

Isa Swimming

Ryan Swimming

We watched more Harry Potter.

Sunday was much the same. No dog park or swimming, but a brief stint outside for a photo opportunity. Tropical Storm Isaac was lackluster, which is just the way I like it.

Isa Playing in the Rain

Isa Playing in the Rain B&W

The picture below, posted on Facebook, pretty much sums up the storm, as it hit Miami… and it made me laugh like a crazy person.

And, now, I go to sleep to the sound the wind and the rain. Reading a book for 5 minutes before I pass right out. Probably, I’ll have a nice Harry Potter dream, fly on a broomstick and curse people.

Tomorrow, I’ll wake up early and go to work, while my kids and husband stay home for a “Hurricane Day.” And curse people.

View all this weekend’s pictures here.

Tropical Storm Isaac in Miami, FL


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  • I for one…am happy Issac is turning out to be a dud! Love how you captured the storm that isn’t though…what a memory you made!

  • So happy you were able to play in Issac instead of run from him. Thank you for taking your camera into the pool because those photos are awesome! I take it you roll with Team Slytherin. So happy you are blogging again!