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An Exciting Weekend

- August 26, 2012 - by , in family life, with 2 comments -

While waiting for Tropical Storm Isaac, we didn’t put up shutters or bring anything inside, off the patio. Nope. On Saturday morning, I went to kickboxing with my friend, Lisa. Rene spent the day moving his boat. The kids and I started our Harry Potter marathon – Half Blood Prince (the sixth movie) is just finishing as I type, which happens to be a midnight on Sunday. We took Midnight to the dog park.

The kids played with the dog play equipment more than Midnight did. It was rather disgusting, from a mom’s point of view. And rather amazing, from a kid’s point of view.

20120825 0042 L An Exciting Weekend

20120825 0049 L An Exciting Weekend

20120825 0071 L An Exciting Weekend

We went for a swim. I bravely (or was it stupidly?) took my camera in the pool for some shots.

20120825 0108 L An Exciting Weekend

20120825 0098 L An Exciting Weekend

We watched more Harry Potter.

Sunday was much the same. No dog park or swimming, but a brief stint outside for a photo opportunity. Tropical Storm Isaac was lackluster, which is just the way I like it.

20120826 0152 L An Exciting Weekend

20120826 0159 L An Exciting Weekend

The picture below, posted on Facebook, pretty much sums up the storm, as it hit Miami… and it made me laugh like a crazy person.

And, now, I go to sleep to the sound the wind and the rain. Reading a book for 5 minutes before I pass right out. Probably, I’ll have a nice Harry Potter dream, fly on a broomstick and curse people.

Tomorrow, I’ll wake up early and go to work, while my kids and husband stay home for a “Hurricane Day.” And curse people.

View all this weekend’s pictures here.

Tropical Storm Isaac An Exciting Weekend


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  • I for one…am happy Issac is turning out to be a dud! Love how you captured the storm that isn’t though…what a memory you made!

  • So happy you were able to play in Issac instead of run from him. Thank you for taking your camera into the pool because those photos are awesome! I take it you roll with Team Slytherin. So happy you are blogging again!