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On to a new school year…

- August 23, 2012 - by , in family life, with 2 comments -

Isabel’s last year in elementary school? What the heck!??! I remember kindergarten. Vaguely.

And Ryan is in 2nd grade. In a fancy portable. Taking PE… and Spanish… and Art… and Music. Officially a “medium kid.” (The fifth graders are BIG kids.)

While the kids were excited for the new year to start, I was rightfully skeptical. I already miss lazy evenings. I already miss exercising with freedom, not having to play around homework and dinner and an early bed time. I already miss not having to fight with Ryan over not having done his homework in aftercare.

But I LOVE watching the kids learn and grow, so that’s the payoff, right? When Ryan comes home saying, “Art was SO AWESOME.” Or Isabel comes home teaching me all about hurricanes and what makes them stronger (warm water and … something else – humidity I think?) and weaker (mountains and dry land).

I have decided to make their school albums as we go, hoping that will make it easier to follow through on them. They are designed as 8.5×11 inch books. Click to view all photos from the first day of school.

Ryan’s First Day click image to enlarge:

Ryan's First Day at School

Isabel’s First Day click image to enlarge:

Isabel's First Day at School

If you are wondering why Ryan has the pouty face… His lunchbox broke on the FIRST DAY. And, yes, he REALLY was that orange when I picked him up.


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  • Love love love! You are making me want to create a book for something now. What a great way for the kids to treasure these special moments. Fantastic photos Marilou!

  • Jules

    Really happy to see you blog again! I adore how you document your kids’ everyday life and take photos that tell the stories. I love your photography and getting a taste of your world through your lens. Fantastic shots of that first day of school.