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I Love It When / 3

I Love It When / 3

I love it when morning time is stay in bed time. I love morning snuggles and play. And geography lessons. And still-tired eyes. And sibling love. And, sometimes, I even love the ‘attitude.’ As long as it’s quickly forgotten. And we are back to geography lessons. (These shots were taken on August 11, 2012 and... Read More →

Handy Manny

I LOVE it when Rene teaches the kids how to make stuff. This was a new bed we bought way back in August (built the 11th, to be exact). I’m catching up on some old stories. I remember “helping” my dad build things as a kid. There is something empowering about it. I think Isabel... Read More →

I’m Lovin’ It.

Lovin’ my kids these days. Lovin’ the age they are at. Lovin’ their independence and their dependence, and how it fluctuates each the minute of the day. Lovin’ their evolving talents and personalities. Lovin’ that there is a month left until school ends and a month left until both of them turn a year older.... Read More →