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I Love It When / 2

- September 23, 2012 - by , in family life, i love it when, with 3 comments -

I love it when… I walk into the living room and find my kids playing together. Even though they had to shove clutter out of their way to do so.

Especially when what they are playing is something I’ve tried to get them to play countless times.

Especially when they are doing it because they are fixing what one of them broke (without my asking them to and without tattling).

Especially when they are doing it without fighting and are helping each other.

Especially when they ignore me taking countless photos of them. And especially when one of those photos takes my breath away. (I literally gasped when I first saw this shot below on my computer.)


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  • What a wonderful moment captured between brother & sister. As always fantastic shots. The focus on that last one is incredible and I can totally understand why you gasped. I did too! Love the low perspective.

  • I gasped, too. Beautiful storytelling bothe with the pictures AND words.

  • Aww…what a sweet moment you captured here. Great storytelling!