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- April 21, 2013 - by , in family life, i love it when, with 1 comment -

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I love it when… it’s finally pool season! (And not JUST for the pictures.)

I could not be more excited that the weather is finally warm enough for me to throw the kids outside for some swimming. Something about the pool puts them in a good mood (and wears them out for bedtime).

When I walked over to the pool, the kids had on one flipper and one bright pink Croc on either foot. Apparently, they were doing a Slow Foot, Fast Foot race across the pool. 10 points for creativity.

Not sure what was so funny – they were grabbing my feet and laughing, and I CANNOT remember why. Oh, maybe to show me the water wasn’t cold? Whatever the reason, I love this “sibling love” shot.

And why NOT jump into the pool with pink Crocs on, to see if you’ll float?

I know, Midnight. They are insufferable. (And you’re still recovering from the bath the kids gave you before swimming.)

When my sister and I were young, on an annual summer trip to Naples, Florida (Vanderbilt Beach), we invented the treasure we like to call… Bumper Butts. The concept is, you hold hands, then put your feet against each other’s and bump butts under water.

Bumper Butts

Bumper Butts

My kids have evolved this game to where it ends with Ryan being worn as a backpack by Isabel. I don’t know what that’s about, but it’s hard for me to question when I was a part of inventing a game called, ‘Bumper Butts.’

Bumper Butts

Later, they made a grand entrance on opposite sides of the pool with a dance.

Making a grand, dancing entrance on either side of the pool.

Making a grand, dancing entrance on either side of the pool.

I love their creativity and spirit of play.

Reading a book in the hammock while my kids play? it doesn’t get much better than that. Seeing Ryan standing next to the pool and peeing into it? That I could live without. Really, Rye? (Yeah, he won’t be doing that again.) Be classy, man… Stick to peeing in the grass.

And this? This is the shot I’m going to blow up poster-sized and put out on the patio. By the pool.


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  • I agree about that last shot! Blown up BIG!! I am so happy it is pool season. I just adore your pool shots. Beautiful!