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Our {Renovated} Playground

- April 20, 2013 - by , in family life, with 1 comment -

Rene busted his butt last month fixing up our playground set. It was lopsided, and the kids barely used it, so we had to decide between demolishing it or fixing it. I was glad to be able to convince Rene it was worth saving. But MAN did fixing it up take a ton of work for him. Back breaking work.

Playground Fix-it List:
– Replace swings
– Replace rope
– Replace rock climbing ‘rocks’
– Elevate the entire thing and replace the corroded wood
– Replace the periscope
– Add non-slip strips to steps
– Paint

(I bet I forgot something – it was a BIG job!)

I’m really impressed with how it came out. And the KIDS love it. They’ve gone on the swings just about every day since it’s been completed. Ryan is on there constantly.



I remember when nothing was cooler than twisting my swing around and then spinning…

Or touching the clouds…

2 years ago, same playground set:


- -

  • What amazing backlight there! Way to go Rene! Another thing in the backyard to tire the kids out.